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Randall Caselman


Quality Quiet Time


All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,

for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works"

(2 Timothy 3.16-17).


  I was recently reading an article by W. Graham Scroggie in the April 1944 edition of "Pentecostal Evangel." Allow me to share some of his thoughts. In this piece, Mr. Scroggie made the statement that "Time and Place in theWord is of little avail if the 'Spirit is Wrong.'" Most of us strive for Quiet Time in the Word, but what do we take away from our time with Him? You see, unless our spirit is properly prepared and engaged for such a time with the Sovereign of the universe, it's time wasted.


  Keep in mind that it's to be just that, a "Quiet Time." It means Stillness Without, Stillness Within. It was David who reminds us that we should "be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46.10. Listen, we will accomplish little if we take a storm-tossed soul into our Quiet Time, if we rush in and through this time in His presence. Remember this, fifteen minutes of meditation; waiting on God to speak is better than rushing through five or six chapters of restless reading in order to read through the Bible in a year. There's nothing wrong with this goal, but it should not be considered "Quiet Time!" Indeed, we need stillness of soul whispering "speak Lord, in this quiet stillness, I wait on Thee."


  Don't Rush! Don't limit God! Stop setting time limits on His message to us. Time is not as important as our unhurried engagement. Meditation, thinking on His Word, is a lost art. Meditation takes time. Read a passage, pray that God speak to us through those verses, read them again. Then unhurriedly, quietly, patiently, expectantly, wait for the Sovereign God to speak from what we've read. Don't tell God what it says! Don't rehearse what someone else says it means! Forget what we've learned. Let God speak. Be quiet, still, patient until He does speak. God will not be rushed!


  Listen Expectantly. He who expects nothing gets nothing. I think it important that we open this time with God by asking Him to surprise us with a nugget of truth, perhaps a nugget of new truth. God You teach me, surprise my spirit with Your rendition of truth!


  Have an object. Mr. Scroggie suggested that if we aim at nothing, we will hit it every time. Purpose should be behind every action. Now, as a preacher, let me give you a warning: Quiet Time should not be used as a study time in preparation of a sermon, notes for teaching a class, or our study for someone else's class. Quality Quiet Time should be for our own spiritual enrichment, for our own soul shepherding, God speaking to us on His terms, not ours! Quiet Time is for self-edification, self-examination, self-renewing, self-confession of our personal failures; failures pointed out in God's own timing, because we've been quiet, expectant, patient, aiming only at God's target, not that of our own.


  Now, let us carefully read the purpose of our time together with Him: "I will praise You with an upright heart as I learn Your righteous laws. I will obey Your decrees; do not utterly forsake me. How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to Your word. I seek You with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands. I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You. Praise be to You, O Lord; teach me Your decrees. With my lips I recount all the laws that come from Your mouth. I rejoice in following Your statutes as one rejoices in great riches. I meditate on Your precepts and consider Your ways. I delight in Your decrees; I will not neglect Your word... Teach me, O Lord, to follow Your decrees; then I will keep them to the end. Give me understanding, and I will keep Your law and obey it with all my heart. Direct me in the path of Your commands, for there I find delight" (Psalm 119.7-16 & 33-35).


  Indeed, the Psalmist gives us the purpose for our own Quiet Time: Know God – Know His statues, His words – With understanding (Wisdom) – And obedience. Amen?


Randall Caselman